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Le Val Thorens well-being centre is an ideal place to rest and relax after a strenuous day on the slopes. Its indoor swimming pool, one of the largest in the resort, enjoys breath-taking mountain views; reserved for hotel guests, its quiet, luxurious spa is open without appointment from 10am to 8pm. The hotel also proposes you yoga classes.

The swimming pool

The 15-metre Le Val Thorens swimming pool with unique panoramic mountain views is both spectacular and welcoming. At the end of the day or in cloudy weather, the pool, accessible without appointment, provides the perfect refuge for hotel guests, for whom it is reserved from 10am to 8pm.

The sauna

Dry heat stimulates the heart and helps oxygenate the body, promote muscle repair and prepares you for a good night’s rest. The typical wooden Scandinavian-style sauna is open to hotel guests from 10am to 8pm.

The Turkish bath

Carved into the rock and lined with black zellij tiles, the relaxing Le Val Thorens steam bath rests both body and mind. Sought after for its aesthetic and calming properties, it helps rid the body of toxins and improves skin tone. Reserved for hotel guests from 10am to 8pm.


The yoga 

Three time a week, Le Val Thorens proposes you to have a tonic wake-up with its Hatha Yoga classes. For more information, please contact the spa. 


The spa

Guests are invited to relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water, heat and silence in the spa’s swimming pool, Turkish bath and sauna. Recover after a day on the slopes or simply relax in this space reserved for hotel guests. MySpa plays with your senses with an olfactive exploration, a visual attraction, a sensorial temptation, some flavour from somewhere else. MySpa offers a one of a kind moment of well-being, precious instants where time is left in suspention.

A respect for ancestral traditions within a spirit of creativity and innovation, escape beyond cosmetics. MySpa products emerged from a delicate balance between olfactory discoveries, natural ingredients, orginial textures incomporable quality and physical well-being.

The Face

Magnetic express discovery beauty ritual 

25min - 54€ 

An original, all new, effective beauty treatment developed using
the « Magnetic Scrub » technology.

This treatment is suitable for people of all ages and skin types. It is the perfect way to discover the MySpa universe. This atypical, surprising and incomprable treatment will make each spa day delightfully unique and unforgettable.

Cleopâtra beauty ritual 

50min - 94€ 

Revealing the skin’s radiance while delighting in the wonderfully addictive plump berries. A true breath of fresh air for the skin, gently revitalizing it. The complexion appears fresh and radiant, the skin glows with renewed beauty.

Sources & lagons of Polynesia ritual 

50min - 94€

Embark on an enchanting journey through the most beautyful Pacific islands to reveal your original beauty. The perfect alliance of sensoriality and efficacy, this treatment includes both a texture packed with shimmering colors, and high-performance active ingredients that flood the skin well-being and a feeling of complete hydration.

Secrets of Japan beauty ritual 

50min – 94€

Extra-soft treatments to soothe, calm and relax vulnerable skin. The skin feels confortable, its health, harmony and serenity is restored.

Vendôme life beauty ritual 

70min - 127€

Drawing inspiration from the French ideal of beauty, this skin treatment for mature skin is both luxurious and voluptuous. An intense, deep treatment that reveals your splendor. The skin is enchanted by the exquisite and elegant textures, the unique, graceul fragrance, the delicate and magical colors, and its luxurious active ingredients, including caviar.

Eye care 

10min (in addition of another treatment) - 20€

A treatment specially designed for the delicate skin around the eyes. Wrinkles and puffiness instantly vanish, and the eyes are soothed and brightened.

The Body

Body scrubs 

25min – 49€ 

Exfoliation are treatments that help your skin to regain a soft and satined texture.

Body wraps 

25min - 49€

Melted shea butter wraps giving intense nutrition to the skin. Your skin regains softness, smoothness. No shower is needed, any surplus is removed using hot towels.


Massage & skin care get-aways

40min - 69€

These cares are invitations to discover the spa world in its short version: exfoliation, massage, shea butter mask, scalp massage…

Escape Massages

25min - 54€        50min - 94€        80min - 134€


On the path of the Incas 

Spice and zest of mandarin. Anti-stress, reaffirming, anti-cellulite, draining.

Excursion in the Caribbeans 

Under coconut palms. Nourrishing, hydrating, regenerating, restoring.

Luxury escape to Dubaï

From the woods to glamour a year step. Relaxing, restoring.

To the banks of the Nile 

Sat under a fig tree. Aligning of relaxation and reaffirming.

Sweets of Kerala 

Soft delicacy. Nourrishing, prevent stretch marks, protect.

Spicy candlelight 

Succumb to the sweetness of this candle of massage which becomes precious oil for a moment of well-being in the warm scents of cardamom.

Bambino dream 

With a parent, the children from 7 to 12 years old, experience a massage or facial specially designed for them.

While expecting 

After the first quarter, because every woman lives her pregnancy differently, a tailor-made massage according to the needs ; heavy legs, lower back pain, dry skin…


The art of massaging the foot’s reflex zones is an unrivalled experience delivering total relaxation to release all the body’s tension.

Head and scalp massage 

Scalp massage is an art that helps to relax the nervous system and offers oxygen to the vascular system.

Travels & Scents

Inspired by rituals from various continents, these treatments stop time and will leave your skin smooth. They will aslo relax your body and mind through a spiritual escape.They are ideally composed of a spa access, an exfoliation, a massage, a body wrap with melted shea butter, followed by tea tasting.

Dreamed escapes rituals 

2h - 2h30 – 155€*

Spa access, exfoliation, 25 min massage, body wrap.

Around the world escapes rituals 

2h30 - 3h – 190€*

Spa access, exfoliation, 50 min massage, body wrap.

Luxury escapes rituals 

3h - 3h30 - 220€*

Spa access, exfoliation, 50 min de massage, body wrap, facial 30 min.


1h30 - 3h - 205€*

Spa access, 50 min massage. 

*10% discounts for hotel guest 

Osteopathic treatment



Osteopathy considers the patient as a whole and aims, via an osteopathic diagnosis and adapted manual techniques, to restore mobility and to recover and prevent patient’s health. This discipline is interested in functional disorders of the human body (musculoskeletal, visceral, psychic...) and in their origins. Each patient has its own treatment.

Beauty instants (Before 3pm)

Express manicure

25 min - 40€

Filing down, polishing, hydration and basecoat nailpolish to get beautiful hand.


55min - 65€

Filing down, polishing, cuticles care, exfoliation or basecoat nailpolish combined with a nourrishing massage, and your hands will become soft and hydrated.


55min - 65€

Filing down, polishing, cuticles care, exfoliation or basecoat nailpolish combined with a nourrishing massage, and your hands will become soft and hydrated.


-10% from 2 zones 


Eyebrows or upperlips 12€


Full bikini 30€

Armpit or Bikini 20€


Full legs 35€


Half legs 25€


Opening hours 

Everyday from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 8pm. 

Gift voucher 

Offer a unique wellness experience with our personalized gift voucher. 

Policy of cancellation 

Every cancellation of appointments owe to be carry out 24 hours before your treatment, or 100% of the price will be charged. 


To avoid any inconenienves, we invite our guests to cone 10 minutes before the treatment.