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Le Val Thorens well-being centre is an ideal place to rest and relax after a strenuous day on the slopes. Its indoor swimming pool, one of the largest in the resort, enjoys breath-taking mountain views; reserved for hotel guests, its quiet, luxurious spa is open without appointment from 10am to 7.30pm.

The swimming pool

The 15-metre Le Val Thorens swimming pool with unique panoramic mountain views is both spectacular and welcoming. At the end of the day or in cloudy weather, the pool, accessible without appointment, provides the perfect refuge for hotel guests, for whom it is reserved from 10am to 7.30pm.

The sauna

Dry heat stimulates the heart and helps oxygenate the body, promote muscle repair and prepares you for a good night’s rest. The typical wooden Scandinavian-style sauna is open to hotel guests from 10am to 7.30pm.

The Turkish bath

Carved into the rock and lined with black zellij tiles, the relaxing Le Val Thorens steam bath rests both body and mind. Sought after for its aesthetic and calming properties, it helps rid the body of toxins and improves skin tone. Reserved for hotel guests from 10am to 7.30pm.

Le spa, par Thémaé

Guests are invited to relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water, heat and silence in the spa’s swimming pool, Turkish bath and sauna. Recover after a day on the slopes or simply relax in this space reserved for hotel guests. Thémaé products celebrate the millennia-old purifying and antioxidant properties of tea.

Guests choose from mineral water-based preparations with active ingredients sourced from four tea varieties (white, black, rooibos and green) blended with exclusive complexes to both rejuvenate and stimulate the skin. Inspired by Asian know-how and wisdom, these treatments strike the perfect balance between recovery and well-being to benefit mind and body. These treatments are available to non-guests by appointment only.


Thai plantar reflexology

Morning price 25 min – 53€

Afternoon price 25 min – 59€

The art of massaging the foot’s reflex zones is an unrivalled experience delivering total relaxation to release all the body’s tension.

Bamboo body scrub 

Morning price 25 min – 53€

Afternoon price 25 min – 59€

A chance to revitalise the skin’s radiance through gentle massage and exfoliation. An aromatic paste of apricot oil, shea butter, bamboo powder and a 4 Teas Elixir rids your skin of impurities, leaving it feeling fresh and radiant.

Intense body wrap

Morning price 25 min – 53€

Afternoon price 25 min – 59€

Sumptuous and creamy Intense Body Wrap will give you super-soft and comfortable skin. As your skin revitalises, let your body relax and absorb the unique fragrances and sensations with our scalp and foot massage.

Body scrub followed by body wrap

Morning price 50 min - 100€

Afternoon price 50 min - 110€


Instant glow green tea facial

Morning price 25 min – 53€ 

Afternoon price 25 min – 59€ 

This radiance-boosting treatment eliminates dullness and signs of fatigue, revealing a fresh and glowing complexion using the anti-oxidant properties of green tea.

Quench hydration facial

Morning price 50 min - 88€ 

Afternoon price 50 min - 98€ 

This essential moisturizing treatment combines relaxing strokes and exclusive massage techniques to regenerate stressed and dehydrated urban skin. Hydration and nourishment are key to this exceptional skin soothing treatment.

Puri’tea skin renewal

Morning price 50 min - 88€ 

Afternoon price 50 min - 98€ 

This classic deep cleansing facial rids your skin of its impurities.Your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and steamed to prepare for a deeply detoxifying mask. Our signature facial massage leaves your skin oxygenated, purifed and renewed.

Anti-ageing ritual – lift

Morning prices 50 min - 88€ or 80 min - 125€

Afternoon prices 50 min - 98€ or 80 min - 139€

Tackle signs of ageing including the appearance of wrinkles  with this lifting and frming treatment in which accentuated movements provide visibly younger looking skin. Each phase  of the treatment is performed with sophisticated massages  and traditional tools (Ridokis, Nouat-Na) which help firm he skin. Walk away feeling revived, refreshed and vibrant

Facial treatment for men

Morning price 50 min - 88€ 

Afternoon price 50 min - 98€ 

Specifcally designed for stressed and tired skin, this detoxifying facial diminishes the effect of stress and fatigued on male skin by deeply detoxifying and replenishing moisture to the skin. 


Californian massage

Morning prices 25 min – 53€ or 50 min - 88€ or 80 min - 125€

Afternoon prices 25 min – 59€ or 50 min - 98€ or 80 min - 139€

Large and fluid movements incorporating the whole body to awake the perception of body envelop.

Ayurvedic massage

Morning prices 50 min - 88€ or 80 min - 125€

Afternoon prices 50 min - 98€ or 80 min - 139€

Powerful and deeply restorative, this traditional Indian massage rebalances your body and mind. To the sustained rhythm of circular, gliding pressing motions, rubbing, acupressure, tapping and stretching, the skin is warmed while your mind and body become relaxed. 

Sports massage

Morning prices 25 min – 53€ or 50 min - 88€ or 80 min - 125€

Afternoon prices 25 min – 59€ or 50 min - 98€ or 80 min - 139€

Recommended to prepare muscles for skiing, or for muscular recovery after sport. 

Revitalizing back massage 

Morning prices 25 min – 53€ or 50 min - 88€ 

Afternoon prices 25 min – 59€ or 50 min - 98€ 

This deep muscle massage uses pressure, kneading and Thai stretching for total relaxation of the back and legs. The back is reviltalised leaving you feeling calm and restored. Ideal to release back tensions and feel regenerated.

Lomi-maé massage

Morning prices 50 min - 88€ or 80 min - 125€

Afternoon prices 50 min - 98€ or 80 min - 139€

Inspired by Hawaiian beauty rituals, this massage is performed with the forearms. The movements are wide and enveloping, reproducing the ebb and flow of the ocean to release energy from muscles and relieve tension. Rocked by these successive waves of well-being, your body is intensely replenished. 

Discovery week package

Price : 441€ 

5 treatments (55min each) to choose


Thémaé signature ceremony

Morning price 80 min - 125€ 

Afternoon prices 80 min - 139€ 

This all-over treatment combines body massage with the Quench Hydration facial for head to toe well-being. After the welcome ritual, your back and scalp are deeply massaged before a facial which alternates between skin stimulation, relaxation and smoothing. Then, a mask is applied while your legs are massaged. This treatment results in a fresh, light complexion, while your body feels relaxed and recharged. 


Ritual of delights

Morning prices 110 min - 133€

Afternoon prices 110 min - 160€

This invigorating treatment is ideal before the THÉMAÉ Signature Ceremony. It uses our unique exfoliator blended with apricot oil and bamboo powder to effectively smooth the skin’s surface and prepare the body for the next treatment.

BREAKS ( before 3pm )

Asian break

Price : 282€

1 Bamboo Body Scrub, 1 intense body wrap, 1 massage 50 min,  1 plantar refexology 25 min, 1 face treatment 50 min.

Beauty break

Price : 185€

1 manucure*, 1 pedicure*, 1 facial treatment 50 min *5€ extra for french.


Regenerating break

Price : 150€

1 facial treatment 55mn, 1 regenerating back massage  massage 50 min.


Access + 50min treatment

Price : 10€

WAXING ( before 3pm )

Eyebrow or lips


Armpit or normal bikini line




Full bikini line




Half-legs, armpit, bikini line


BEAUTY INSTANTS ( before 3pm )

Express manicure

25 min - 40€ 

Filing down, polishing, hydration and basecoat nailpolish  to get beautiful hand.


55  min - 65€ 

Filing down, polishing, cuticles care, exfoliation or basecoat  nailpolish combined with a nourrishing massage, and your hands  will become soft and hydrated.



55  min - 65€ 

Filing down, polishing, cuticles care, callus removing, exfoliation combined with a nourrishing massage or basecoat nailpolish, and your hands will become soft and hydrated.

Nail polish 

20  min - 21€



Price : 70€ 


Opening hours

Every day from 10am to 12pm  and from 3pm to 8pm. 

Offer a unique wellness experience with our personalized gift voucher.

Policy of cancellation:

Every cancellation of appointments owe to be carry out 24 hours before your treatment, or 100% of the price will be charged. 


To avoid any inconvenience,  we invite our guests to come  10 minutes before the treatment.